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Yes, you must have a gumasta license to do business in Maharashtra. You cannot do any business in Maharashtra without a Shop Act Registration. And if anyone does business in violation of the rules, he or she can be fined or even imprisoned.

Gumasta license acts as a legal proof of entity which provides you the right to run your business in the state Maharashtra. To collect money from your customers you need have a account in a business bank for which, it is necessary to have a gumasta license. It acts as a proof of identity for your business.

To get gumasta license online in Nagpur or any other city of the Maharashtra, you need to apply online for the licence on the government website of Maharashtra state which is with necessary documents and fill the appropriate details in form. But it is tedious process and we help you to get that done for a very low service charge.

The cost for gumasta license or shop act license in the state of Maharashtra differs as per the business and their criteria. There are several different charges as per your type of business and the registration charges also are different. To know the accurate amount of the charges, you can contact us and our executives will help you in that. Contact us for free consultation.

No, there is no difference in between Gumsta Licesnse and Shop Act Registratio. These are two different names for the same registration. And what is weird is that the word Gumasta is not a Marathi word but a Persian word, and it means agent.

If you do business in the state of Maharashtra then you have to register your business under Shop Act License. It is nothing but just a kind of business registration required to do any kind of business in the state of Maharashtra. It is Mondetory to get Gumasta License in Maharashtra,  and it is a crime to do business in Maharashtra without a Gumsta License.

To get gumasta license or shop act license you need file application on the website online on your own or through legal service such as ours. You need to provide specific documents and necessary details along with the registration fees and charges applicable. You can either do this on your own or with help of agent or legal services.

Shop act license or gumasta license is required in state of Maharashtra for conducting business legally in your place. It is a legal proof of identity to conduct any type of business in your desired area.

Yes, Gumasta license or shop act license is mandatory in state of Gujarat to conduct business. However, the rules of renewal of license annually has been ease relaxed to give ease of conducting business. So, you just need to pay one time fee and no annual renewal is required.

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